Who we are

Polyphemus Fine Dairy Products was born out of our strong beliefs in growth based on our ancient Greek culture and influenced by our family's tradition of utilizing the local capital of sheep and goat’s farming and the current food technology trends.

We are a team of scientists with years of expertise in food science and engineering and services provision to the food industry. In 1998, we decided to renovate our family's small scale cheese making site (which dates back to the previous generation in 1950) based in northern Greece. Since then we have been successfully experimenting with incorporating the trends of food and nutritional science and technology into the traditional Greek cheese making process. We responsibly believe in supporting the local milk farmers by implementing an ethical trade code in our everyday life.


Our Mission - Philosophy

We are intent on doing business aligned with our values of mutual respect.

We source all our milk locally from milk farmers our family has known for generations, thus supporting our community’s well-being.

We deliver unique products to our customers, sharing our passion to be different, innovative and creative.

We are striving for continuous improvement utilizing the powers of local human and nature’s capital, modern technology and science while respecting history and tradition.

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